Pets Centre Veterinary Clinic
Healthy pet, healthier you! Welcome to Pets Centre Veterinary Clinic web page. We are committed to enhance your health by ensuring that you are always safe.
Who We Are
Other than the routine surgery services like spay, castration, minor mass excisions etc, we also do specialized surgeries like orthopedics (bone surgery)......
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Emergency Response
Emergency refers to any condition, clinical or non clinical, which is unexpected. We offer emergency services in and out of hours calls.....
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House Visit/Out calls
Pets Centre has veterinary professionals who are trained to handle all clinical conditions. We have an in house laboratory to ensure that we provide.....
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Pets Shop
Pets Centre Veterinary Clinic is a one-stop- shop for all the needs of your pets. You will get all the pet accessories from our shop ranging from pets food, toys, leads.....
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Exotic Pets Medicine
At Pets Center Veterinary Clinic we also deal with exotic pets and provide wild life medicine and treatment.....
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At Pets Center Veterinary Clinic we have a state of the art laboratory with modern equipment for proper pet care.....
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