Routine Veterinary Examination

We are committed to ensuring that you are healthy through your pet and secure through your guard dog. This is why we emphasize on the need for preventive medicine for your animal.Read More

Surety about health of your animal gives you a peace of mind, greatly reduces chance of contacting zoonoses and cost of hospitalization. Pets Centre Veterinary Clinic Kenya provides routine Veterinary Examination through holistic systemic survey of your animal and advises you on steps to follow so as to keep your animal healthy. We give health certificate on demand upon doing general veterinary examination especially for animals meant for export.


‘Prevention is better than cure.’ At Pets Centre Veterinary Clinic Kenya, we advocate for preventive medicine whereby a disease is prevented before it attacks your animal or it is controlled to ensure Read More

that it does not cause damage to the health of your beloved ones. We do this through vaccination of your animal against common and lethal disease such as rabies, leptospira, distemper, flu.. etc

Emergency Response

Emergency refers to any condition, clinical or non clinical, which is unexpected and can cause death to your animal within the shortest time possible. We offer emergency services in and out of hours calls..

General Clinical Practice

Pets Centre has veterinary professionals who are trained to handle all clinical conditions. We have an in house laboratory to ensure that we provide instant laboratory results and immediate treatment to our clients.Read More

We are also affiliated to other internationally recognized laboratories from where we refer cases which require international attention. We are specialized in canine medicine, feline medicine, and avian medicine and bovine medicine. We can also handle other groups of animals such as reptiles and amphibians and aquariums. Under general clinical practice, we also do ear cleaning and eye treatment.


Other than the routine surgery services like spay, castration, minor mass excisions etc, we also do specialized surgeries like orthopedics (bone surgery), eye surgery and other soft tissue surgery which includes excision ofRead More

cancerous tissues.


Your pride in your pet lies in the cleanliness and freshness of his/her teeth. Apart from the normal teeth cleaning, we offer both ultrasonic and manual dental scaling to remove even the most stubborn stain or dental tartar from theRead More

teeth of your pet. Clean teeth elicit comfortable prehension and mastication which are key in healthy metabolic system.

Microchip Implantation

Your cat and dog is part of your family. So you need to get them back when they are lost in a similar way you would do for any member of your family. The only way to identify you cat and dog efficiently is through a microchipRead More

which if fitted just under the skin of his/her neck. Microchip is small tube which has a unique code/identification number registered on a microchip data base. The number should always be maintained on your pets’ vaccination certificate.

Pet Grooming and Bathing

The beauty of your pet lies on the appearance of his/her skin, fur or hair (Color coat). The skin is the first line of defense against diseases. So a healthy skin keeps most infective diseases away. Ungroomed skin coatRead More

is not only ugly but is prone to wounds, because they are usually itchy. At Centre Veterinary Clinic, we offer grooming services such as hair clipping, nail clipping, ear cleaning, medical bath and shampooing.

Nutritional counseling

Our veterinarians are highly qualified and well trained to understand the nutritional needs of your pets. Every species of animal has a unique nutritional need which depends on his/her physiological and health status. OurRead More

team will assess your pet and advise you on the nutritional program which best fit your animal according to its use, health and physiological status, and age.

Pets Shop

Pets Centre Veterinary Clinic is a one-stop- shop for all the needs of your pets. You will get all the pet accessories from our shop ranging from pets food, toys, leads, transport cages, harnesses, pet training accessories etc.

Diagnostic imaging and Interpretation

Our Veterinarians are highly specialized in interpretation of X rays screen and Ultrasound imaging. These diagnostic procedures are vital in ensuring accurate diagnosis of critical medical conditions like causes of lameness,Read More

abdominal conditions, early pregnancy diagnosis and detection of cancerous tissues.

Animal Movement Documentations

We offer consultation services in regard to animal movement. We also offer documentations and licenses required both for local and international movement such as health certificates for all animals, Read More

movement permits, and import and export permits..etc